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Know About Us

KMC Clinic was started in the year 2013 with motto of " Your Health Our Desire " to improve patients health by providing proper care and holistic approach at KMC Clinic . KMC Clinic was once named as KING OF KINGS HEALTH CARE CLINIC during the year 2013.

We selected this Kootampuli village which is situated in between Pudhukotai and Sawyerpuram where there was no proper medical care to the people of Kootampuli . So we decided to start a village care primary clinic near 2nd bus stop .

Patients were so friendly and so open to describe their problems. After they gets cure they are happy to thank us for our dedicated work of serving people at Kootampuli.

In the year 2017 we shifted the clinic to nearby 1st busstop near Thiyana Mandabam with good infra sructure and qualified nurses to take care of outpatients in most effective way .along with dental and family care physicians.

Dr Kingson John David ., completed MBBS ., AFIH., PG Dip Geriatrics ., Masters in Family medicine (CMC Vellore) with motto of holistic healthcare and cost effective treatment at KMC Clinic Kootampuli.

Dr Blesso Jeyamighty wife of Dr Kingson was very much experienced  in treating dental patients as a dental surgeon at KMC Clinic.

Precautions You Must Take To Prevent Dengue:

Dengue is a viral disease that can be fatal. About 50% of the entire human population is at its risk. In 2015 the cases of dengue reported had doubled in India. It has no particular cure. Hence, it’s better to prevent contracting the fever itself. The following measures and precautions can help you safeguard against this viral fever to a large extend.

Beware of the Aedes mosquito:

Characterised by white dots on the body and legs, it’s the bite of the female Aedes mosquito that spreads the virus in our body. It is the most active during daylight. Early morning and late afternoon are the most risky times of getting bitten by it. Wear full sleeved tops and full length pants to reduce skin exposure.

Use mosquito repellents:

Prevent mosquitoes entering the home, schools and offices by using wire gauze or net at the windows and doors. Apply anti mosquito creams when out and use mosquito repellent sprays, coils and machines in order to shoo away or kill the mosquitoes. The idea is to avoid mosquitoes from biting you.

Avoid dark clothes:

It’s preferable to wear clothes of lighter hue in order to make yourself less appealing for these flying menaces.

Avoid crowded places:

The more the people, the more the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and higher the chances of instigating the odour senses of mosquitoes.

Avoid water stagnation:

Mosquitoes need wet, moist, cool, damp and dark places like water puddles and pits to breed or to lay their eggs. Eliminating the conditions that help them to multiply is a major way of reducing the risk of dengue and other vector or mosquito borne diseases. Keep your lawns well trimmed. Don’t allow rain water to collect and stagnate in balconies, in the garden and courtyard, on the roads or lanes near your place, etc. Make water puddles in and around your area non-mosquito friendly by covering them with sand or dousing them with petrol/ kerosene or insecticides. Also, ensure the drains are covered and not over flowing.



“I visited the KMC clinic for my treatment, during the course of which I found the support staff, including the doctors, the nurses  to be very supportive and efficient. I had a very good experience at the clinic, so much so that I am inclined towards making it my regular source of care.”

“In my experience, here at the KMC clinic, I found the treatment given to patients to be excellent. Dental care is so good by painless treatment, and everything was so efficient and adequately taken care of, that I am considering making the KMC clinic my regular source of care..”

“ I experienced the best service ever during my visit to the KMC Clinic Kootampuli. Getting an appointment, seeing the doctor, billing time and waiting time for medicine, everything was so easy and smooth. The nurses were so helpful. I will surely make this clinic my regular source of care..”